The scoop: Blast from the past

A new feature that will be coming to the Scoop every week is a blast from the past. Some of the most ridiculous and stunning moments in sports will be brought to you with the help of our friends at YouTube.

First up: All-America Teams.

What does the Associated Press All-America Team and Bob Hope have in common? Unfortunately, a lot.

Combined with corny jokes, mullets, and some future Pro Football Hall of Famers, Bob Hope hosted a Christmas Special which ran on NBC for decades.  In this clip from 1988, Hope shoots the breeze with first team All-America picks Alabama linebacker Derrick Thomas, Miami (Fla.) quarterback Steve Walsh (who is nowhere close to being a Hall of Famer) and Heisman winner Oklahoma State running back Barry Sanders, among others.

Check out some those reactions to the jokes..and some of the highlights: “Prime Time” Deion Sanders’ thinking his jheri curl from the Soul Glo days actually looks good and Texas Tech kick returner Tyrone Thurman (have you ever seen a smaller football player?)


~ by Scooby Axson on December 14, 2011.

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