Responses to Tips for Social Media

1. Name some effective ways for journalists to use social media (no more than 250 words).

There are several effective ways journalists can use social media. Because of the rise of the internet and because a majority of the world uses it is some capacity, it really helps journalists find sources, new ideas, and trends. It can help connect with readers and viewers.  For journalists, it helps them create a brand name and to enhance a craft and makes them and their work more visible. The logic is the more people that are looking at your work, the more attention it brings you. The advent of the 24 hour news cycle also helps with the attention grabbing.

2. Over a one-week period, you might send out dozens of tweets. Please cut and paste a representative sample of 10 tweets you actually sent out any time after Thursday, Aug. 4. These should reflect the kind of tweets you send on a regular basis.

@6Magazine Yep and the SEC West will be more than happy to dominate them in on the football field and recruiting until they settle in…

Interesting…..A councilor says a radio talk-show co-host should apologize for rent-a-Negro comments via @tulsaworld

@6Magazine Bloggin’ for the Post huh….we should all be so lucky….how much is that paying?

The roaches are safe this weekend. RT @pourmecoffee: Grand Central Terminal at 3:00 pm. (h/t @NickConfessore)

@darrenrovell Point taken….so do you have a problem with Bobby Knight being on the payroll at Texas Tech while being employed by ESPN?

RT @jwpetersNYT NYC says mass transit being shut down on Saturday afternoon, likely until Monday. An unprecedented move. #irene

@SBerthiaumeESPN Think he wins the Cy Young if the Tigers don’t make the playoffs?…I guess King Felix changed the whole convo last year…

RT@jessewashington: Good article on the state of dating among black women:

Live webcam of Times Square. Why people are out, I will never know. RT@richarddeitsch (ht: @mattnorlander).

@richarddeitsch @slmandel @Andy_Staples @GeorgeSchroeder Very nice work gentlemen…The haterade and hater tots on James are well deserved.

3. Please identify five journalists’ Twitter accounts that you have started following after Thursday, Aug. 4.  List each handle and describe, in a sentence why you are following that person.

Jeremy Peters, New York Times; @jwpetersNYT: I follow Mr. Peters because he works for the arguably the best paper in the United States.

Jemele Hill, ESPN. columnist, @jemelehill     A female black journalist who has gotten far on talent alone makes me think I could possibly achieve those same kinds of dreams.

Pete Thamel, college football writer, New York Times; @PeteThamelNYT  I want to write about college football one day and the mix of story and opinion from Mr. Thamel makes me want to strive to do that.

Stewart Mandel, columnist,; @slmandel: Once again, college football is where it is at for me and I have tried to read everything Mr. Mandel has written over the past couple of week.

Josh Elliott, ABC News; @JoshElliottABC.  I follow Mr. Elliott because it is inspiring to me how he has progressed through the rank of journalism.

Part of the reason why I chose these journalist is because my love news and sports, especially sports. Mr. Elliott, Mandel, Thamel, and Hill have either worked in sports or are currently staff writers or columnists for large organization. Mr. Peters, who works for the New York Times works on the media desk and is very proactive in getting information out via Twitter.

4. Name some ways your use of Facebook might change now that you are in J-school (no more than 150 words). 

I will definitely watch what I post on Facebook.  Not saying that I am in the public eye because I am sure no one is stalking my page, but anyone can take something out of context. I am really thinking about posting some of my best journalism stuff on their to get my name out there.  Before I used to look at my page every couple of days, but I have seen that I might check it every couple of hours just to see what is going on in the world.  I also won’t post my personal opinions because I do think no one really wants to see that.  Positive production is my goal for the time I am at the school.


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